Arabella Sauvignon Blanc


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Arabella Sauvignon Blanc is yellow green in colour. Complex green grassy nose with passion fruit, guava, and pear aromas. Gooseberry, capsicum, and tropical flavours on a full, rich palate with a long sweet-fruited finish.

The grapes picked in the very early morning (at first light) by hand so as to keep the berries whole and thus reducing the chances of oxidation on route to the winery.

Once crushed the wine is cooled though mash cooler and then pumped into an airbag press with a central inflatable membrane. The entire outer cylinder of the press has drainage holes to speed up the process of pressing, increase the amount of juice extracted and reduce oxidation. Once pressed the juice is again put through a plate cooler.

The Green portion of the Sauvignon Blanc gives cut grass and green pepper flavours with good acid. The Fully Ripe portion has tropical flavours. After the juice has fermented dry, the Green and the Fully Ripe portions are blended together to give a more complex structure to the wine.

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